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Original title△▽■: Philippine network betting survey tracking Domestic intermediary stop recruitment accepted police asking Yesterday, the victory group No. 37 launched a survey report “Incidents Philippine Network Gaming: Specialist Chinese Cancer”, ▲▷▷◆”Overseas Gambling Group Recruitment Staring in the University In the report…●, the reporter was recruited through domestic intermediary company○▷▷, as a new employee entered the Pearl Building – a “Specialist Chinese” Network Gambling Group. There◁☆=○, employees are deducted by passport-…, fine, and beat is a frequent event. Among them▽…◇◇, many domestic college students have been deceived to the work of “Tibetan Internet Gambling-●▽” through intermediary companies. After reporting, some netizens confirmed that they have been introduced to the Fitness work before. During the period, there was an employee from Sichuan, because of the transfer of working materials to private mobile phones, and by the company to steal the compa.

Original title◇△: The CPPCC report reveals the mainland to Taiwan policy: anti-standing on March 3, Yu Zhengsheng made a work report on behalf of the 12th National Committee of the CPPCC. (Figure Source: Zhongxin.com) The opening ceremony of the 13th National CPPCC will be held on March 3, and the Chairman Yu Zhengsheng represents the 12th National Committee of the CPPCC to report to the General Assembly for the past five years and put forward the future. Suggest. In this report, there is not much text on the station, but it has deeply revealed the new situation and the mainland policy policy-…▪•. In the work review, Chairman Yu Zhengsheng pointed out that the past five years of the CPPCC system “Strengthening the communication with Taiwans public opinion on behalf of the■△” Nine-two consensus “that adheres to a Chinese principle, promotes the peaceful development of cross-strait relations◇●, and upgrading the Taiwan-funded enterprises , Reading at the mainla!

Source▼▲▷: Changan Street Gummy Original Title: The first 1 billion corrupt officials in history☆○▽, death penalty ringspun cotton t shirts! On the 28th, the Linyi Intermediate Peoples Court of Linyi City, Shanxi Province, according to law•=, Zhang Zhongsheng○▼, the original deputy mayor of the Peoples Government of Shanxi Province-○, was promoted, and the huge amount of property was publicly pronounced. The defendant Zhang Zhongsheng was sentenced to death◆•△, deprived of political rights for life□□▽=, and All of the individual property is confiscated, and the sin of the huge amount of property is unknown. It is sentenced to one death penalty for eight years, decided to implement the death penalty, deprive the political rights for life▽○, and confiscate all personal property. At the same time, the court is also judging, and the property of Zhang Zhongsheng accepts bribery▪○◆, and it will be recovered, and the national treasury, insufficient part, continue to recover. The accused of the same case Li Laijun, Liu Yeheng was also sentenced to the corresponding penalty due to the crime of money laundering. Obey, 19.

Source: China Daily Network This is a very easy to neglect△▲▽, but very important news▷○★: May 17, the World Health Organization (WHO) released the latest report “World Health Statistics 2018” in Geneva, according to the data provided according to this report, The health expectancy of Chinas baby is 68.7 years old in 2016◆•▽-. It is 68▪•.5 years old, which is the first time in this indicator▼△. In this indicator of per capita expectancy, China is chasing the United States, which is expected to exceed the United States in 2027. At the same time●▲□, the US per capita expectancy is declining, and the 79-year-old 2014 has become the peak…•. At the same time, we need to remind it that Chinese people in 20○▷◆-.

Original title: It is still not playing yet◁★◇, some people want to cut their own high end jean jackets thick plain t shirts! Say a story of Song Dynasty. Others have hit the door, shouldnt you still hit it or a problem? In some people…-▲, this is really a problem. If you havent hit it, some people have to cut the foundation●▪◁, and this scene has been repeated in the history of China◆▪. At present◆▲…, the blogger above is just a little emotion, and the other is a professor of Tsinghua University, and this kind of point of view is systematically elaborated. This article entitled △▲”Trade War: Only Talking about Three Views•☆◆▼”, when the knife brother wrote these words, the reading volume displayed on the WeChat public number has exceeded 100=■•,000. The three views of the China-US Trade War are: trade war is a product that changes in American strategic thinking-=★◁, and domestic unbrok■☆◆◁.american workout apparel