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[fitness aerobic step]Original title▷▼: The National Peoples Congress, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wang Yufang: Find the origin of the cosmic raft is expected to be in Sichuan “Broken◁□” cover news reporter Zhang Xiling photography report China to build a large collision■▲●▷, in the academic circles■◁■☆, have triggered a fierce discussion-★▼▷. Among them○▽▪■, Wang Yufang public issued a “challenge” Nobel Prize winner Yang Zhenning, think China should lay out of a large-scale collision▪▽★▽, let Wang Yufang, a low-key▪◁□◇, from the scene△○□◁, from behind the scenes●■. Zeng Sheng heard the famous physicist Ding Yuzhong-◁▼◁, specializing in the study of high energy particles▲▲. Wang Yufang can be said to be ●◁”super big coffee▷○-☆” of Chinese particles○△…. On March 6th=-☆, Wang Yufang, representative of the National Peoples Congress, academician●◁△-, Chinese Academy of Sciences▷…, said Wang Yufang, director of the High Energy Physics Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said in an interview with cover journalists, he still advocated that China should build large colligations▪■. Curre!

Original title▪•▼: Employment of eyewear girls: Grandpa donate the remaining 1301 yuan of freight Recently, Henan Tankang suffered from the female kid Wang Fengya▽▼●, who had retinal skeletarns, causing attention▷★▲. Previously, there was a self-media publishing article that his family raised 150-★▪△,000 yuan in the water droplets and other platforms. After raising the money▷•◆○, it did not treat it•▷, and the son was treated with the son of the chef-■, suspected of “fraud”. On May 25, Wang Fengya family responded that the real fundraising is only 38,000 yuan, of which the water droplet raised is 35=▼,000 yuan, and 1301 yuan left after treatment. In addition●△△▲, the sons treatment in the home has been resolved in April last year, and does not involve this fundraising△▽▽. When the Taikang County Public Security Bureau said in an interview with the media•▷•, the matter did not constitute a criminal case▪▽…-. No. 37 (WeChat ID▪☆◁…: WeChat I▷□•.

Wuhan Yangluo – Smart Port Operation Efficient (Looking at China) This reporter Qiangwen galloped along Fuyin Expressway△◁▼, from Wuhan Ring Expressway▪◆, rushing to Yanglapping Bridge, 15 minutes, arrive in Wuhan Hong Kong Yang Logo Port Area Phase II Container Terminal★▲. The co-truck shuttle, the gantry is dancing, and the container is stacked. Every day, the goods are gathered by all sides, and they are boring in the sea or the mainland▷☆▽★. “Ship head★▪:” On the Pier-▽◆▲, Wu Minghao, the staff of Wuhan Port Container Co., Ltd.◇★, held a walkie-talkie and the captain, directed from the ▽★●”Hanhai No. 5″ round from Shanghai Yangshan Port. This is a new ship of rivers and sea, which can load 1140 standard boxe●○ manufacture shirts!

Original title▽•: Density •▼▪◁”unprecedented”! Beijing leaders meet 21 in 5 days◆…▽▲, I recommend these things every time unbranded gym wear wholesale fitness clothing los ang – custom sockwhoa. polar fleece vest wholesale! Source: WeChat public account “Welcome•○■▽” wrote Fan Junsheng Photography Sun Hao began the text, please take a small partner first with the CITE (WeChat ID…-◆◇: POLITILINSIDE) Patience to see a long list●◆•: British Priceway Global Chairman Luo Hao Zhi, the Chief Executive Officer of the Swiss Reinsurance Group▼◁□=, US Apple Global Chief Executive▲▼▷, Chairman and CEO of Schneider Electric Co.☆▪•, Ltd○△.-▼◇▽, Chairman, France△▪, Zhao Guohua, US VISA CEO, Germany Caier=☆, Chairman, Chairman of the Switzerland=▼, the leader of the Chief Executive Official Executive Official Executive☆▽★◆, and the Chief Executive of American Qualcomm Company▷○. Steve Mollen.