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[t shirt supplier canada]Source: Beijing Daily Original title: The Warm Development of the Party, the Central Cada, the popular discussion of the Constitution…▪, March 11, “The Constitutional Amendment of the Peoples Republic of China” vote, announced. The “Characteristics of the Chinese Communist Party of Communist Party is the most essential characteristics of Chinese characteristics”, improve the system of the National President■●, deepen the national monitoring system reform .◁▲.. Constitution Amendment caused enthusiastic response in the capital of the capital, Everyone said that this revision is the general trend of the times, the need for the development of the cause▽●, the party is in the hearts of the people◇★•…, and resolutely supports support. President of China Regional Science Association, President of the First Economic and Trade University, said that the constitution is the fundamental law of the country○□=, which has decisive significance for the rule of law, and constantly improve the constitution with the constitutio?

On the afternoon of the 28th•□•, at the Guangzhou Epidemic Prevention and Control Press■◇◆, Deputy Director, Spokesperson, Deputy Director◁◇▪, Spokesperson Chen Bin, deputy director of the Guangzhou Ministry of Health, and 5 cases of no symptom infection in Guangzhou on the 28th○○•■. The basic situation is as follows: The new number of non-symptomatic infections, men, 11 years old□◆, the same class with the diagnosed case 1 on the 26th. On May 26…○, it was identified as a close contact, and transs up to the fixed-point hotel isolation observation; the day of the day, the first screening is positive; the citys treatment center review results are positive◇▪●▷, the eight hospital isolation treatment●■, the diagnosis of non-infection in the 28th By. Newly increasing number of asymptomatic infections, male, 45 years old●◇▼, a joint contact with the two-day confirmed cases 1 and 26 without symptomous infection.

Original title: The military fully stopped the compensation service project to clear the task. Basic completion of the reporter today=▲, from the army to fully stop the paid service work Leading Group Office, according to the Party Central Committee, the deployment requirements of the Central Military Commission◁●◇★, as of June 30◇•▷○, 106,000 paid services in the whole army In the project…●, 100○◇,000 should stop, and the decisive results of the decisive decisions have been done on time. Since the 2016, the military has ceased to pay for the service, and the military land will serve this work as a political task•●•◆, a national mission, and a strong military mission. Respond to the Party Central Committee, the Central Military Commission and the President of the Party, adhere to the party committee▷◁, master The responsibilities, military landlocks, cooperative attack, and all work can be continued according to law. The leaders of the Military Commission attach great importance to this work▲…•, continuing to promote, and time.

Zhengzhou, May 28 (reporter Liu Peng) as the only province of the four national cultural parks in the four national cultural parks in the Yellow River, the Grand Canal, the Long March and the Great Wall, how to plan “Husband Henan” Wenbao Construction will plan ,layout? Henan Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference to an external answer on the 28th. Jiang Ji Ding, director of Henan Provincial Cultural and Tourism, with ◁▷…★”five new”, namely “Huang River Culture]” Wen Da “,△▲●” The New Year of the Husband “,” The New Fruit “” Stage Art ” Panting and high, recalling the “13th Five-Year Plan” period Henan Wenbao work transcripts●▽. Make “14th Five-Year Plan”▽▷, Jiang Jixing introduced that the national cultural park is the majority of promotion implementati…◆□.

Original title□◇□●: Hubei Wuji is “Journey to the West” original book background? Local planning to develop tourists to develop tourists to explore water curtain caves – Tibetan cave. Jingchu network map “Wuji is the book background of” Journey to Journey ◇▼▽”, which is numerous experts, through the comprehensive analysis of the mountainous water in the” Journey to Journey “★•○▪, the topographic landform◇■★▪, ecological environment•■◇-, natural resources, etc★○◇•. The conclusions were drawn. “March 26th, Zhu Zhiyong, President of Wuxi Mountain and Journey to the West Travel△■□, Hubei Daily,” Journey to the West ▷□▼”, the” Journey to Journey “, Jingwangfu, Hubei, Hubei Province City Guoshan (Taiping Mountain) area. Zhu Zhiyong introduced that the wuturing predecessor, the county is in the first year of Tang Tianbao○▷■, and there is a “Buddhist◁•”, which provides an important Buddhism□▷▼, △◆…▲”Journey to the Journey” when Wu Cheng, who is in the Ji Shan, who is in the Zhangzhou Jingwangf.