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[stock leggings]China News Agency, May 28th: ​​Baiyangdians last geese team veterans: ▷◁”Still”, “The future of the city” China News News Corporation Cui Tao “I am the last player of the geese team▷=▷. I hope to see the Xiongan New District built after the birth year. “Sitting in the home of the Zhannan Village=○, Anxin County, Xiongan New District, Hebei Province, and the 95-year-old original geese team member Lu Changlu interviewed interviews, His wish◆☆▪▷. In the period of war in the anti-Japanese War=▽, in the Yushu Xiongan New District△☆, the Hebei Xiongan New District, there was a water guerrilla called ▷▲”stunding the soldiers”▲◁▲□. From 1939 to 1945••, cooperated with the main force liberation Anxin County▼•◇○, Yan.

Original title: Typhoon “Maria” latest forecast is announced☆★! On the next week or in my country, I will launch a message on July 8th△▲▲, and I will see the latest forecast information of Typhoon ◁◇★▲”Maria” this year▽●◆. The Central Meteorological Observatory said that ▷▽◆”Maria▷●▼” is still a superior typhoon level◁◆▼•. At 5 oclock this morning, it is located in the northwest Pacific Ocean•□•▲, the northwest of the northwest of Yilan County, Taiwan. It is expected that the morning of Taiwan is in the eastern coast of Taiwan•■◇. After landing, after the Taiwanese Island▪★, Taiwan is once again logged in in Fujian on the evening at noon on the evening. After landing, continue to move toward the northwest, and the intensity is rapidly weakened. What effects will be brought about by specific◆●, please pay attention to the update information of the small cloth. Typhoon Location No. 8 Typhoon “Maria” (Super Typhoon Level) is located at 5 oclock in the morning today (8t.

Original title: Big scientific equipment, to build a large basic science device■-▽, •=○◁”there is a certain window period, and it must be done in the window.” 3 On the 12th-▷★, I talked about the large scientific equipment. Yang Weili, the National Natural Science Foundation of China=★▽◆, pointed out that the large scientific equipment should have an important result of the original originality in the window period, leading the research in the relevant fields•▽△. “We have to use it to use it=-◁○.” So, how can I make the big scientific device can be built, and can I ▷▽◁▼”use it”? Decision – Is it true? The head of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the person in charge of the steady strong magnetic field experimental device, told the Science and Technology Daily reporter, building a large scientific device, should start from the actual needs of basic scientific resear•■☆◆.

Original title: 8 facts about trade warfare, Chinese and Americans have to understand these days•◁, China-US trade war topic brushing friends circle. China-US trade war seems to be touched, the global market is in the world, and many stock markets have entered a plunge▽▷. However, the people have no unclear understanding of “China-US Trade Wars”, and some are highly engaged in overtight, fighting economic wars…◇■, playing political warfare, and some hopes that the Chinese government will not be invasive, comply with the United States, to avoid greater losses What is the truth of this Trade War? How will China going? About China-US trade warfare, these eight facts should understand: 1. China-US Trade War is the United States▲▲, which is awarded in Chinas US President Trump▼◇▲△, signed the presidential memorandum on March 22, which will impose tariffs on large-scale imported goods in China, and lim.

Xinhua News Agency, March 4th, China Daily◁★▷, March 5th editorial: Competency in the new era, Greatness – Congratulations on the opening of the 13th National Peoples Congress•◇▼, the opening of the Spring…★▽◁, Vientiane Update. In the world-famous▲▷, the 13th National Peoples Congress is grandly opened today. In the next ten days□◆★, nearly 3,000 new National Peoples Congress will be in the same business capital, and the new era reform and development is planned. We express congratulations on the convening of the General Assembly wholesale team apparel★● winter coat manufacturers – private label clothing chinese t shirts! best shirt for sublimation! The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party draws to the grand blueprint of my countrys development of Chinas development, open a new journey of comprehensive construction of socialist modernization. One meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress will review the draft Constitutional Amendment, the draft law, election and decision to appoint a new national institution leaders to determine a large number of major matters affect far-reaching. Open this meeti?