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[flannel jacket with hood]Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 Twelve National Peoples Congress Finance and Economics Commission: When the structural reform of the supply side should be clarified with the relationship between the government and the market, the deputy director Yin Zhongqing, deputy director of the National Peoples Congress Finance and Economics★▲◇▪, answered questions. Beijing News reporter Hou Shaoqing photo Beijing News News (Reporter Shaob) March 12th○◆■, the 13th National Peoples Congress, the news center held a reporter meeting on the ▲•”Peoples Congress Supervision=▼”. Yin Zhongqing, deputy director of the 12th National Peoples Congress Finance and Economical Commission, said▼◆▷•, “Close the small steel and small coal kiln lead to the blood community•□•▲” is only an individual phenomenon. When advancing the structural reform of the supply side=◇▽▲, it must be clarified and the relationship between the government and the market. Well use marketization△●…■, rule of controlling the problem of economic development. There are reporters on the meeting, “Some companies reflect, close small ste••.

Zhongxin Net Yichang May 27th (Fang Yonghua Zhu Guiyin Dong Xiaobin) Hubei Yihe has a rural electrician, in 20 years, he adheres to the depths of the mountains and is obliged to bring goods in villagers-◇◁●. The 49-year-old Li Ben said on the 27th that it is willing to continue to do something that can be done for the villagers. Pastelings of Daxi Village Mountains in Yidu City Red Flower Set Town□☆◇▷, 160 villagers=□▪▲. A large stream of 15.8 kilometers is a △▷”lifeline=▽▼…” that connects 160 villagers in the Daxi Reservoir area. In 2002▪▪◁□, Li Bud Company△…◁•, Guofu=◆, became an electrician who maintained this line. 10 years ago, Daxi did not pass the road□▷▽◆, Li Juns routine patrol, the guard, the electricity charge, and the road became “blocking the road”. At that ti!

# 2018 Two will be held ## 中 青报 两 # # [Adhere to the “Zero Tobe” on the March 3▼=○, on the afternoon of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference●○▪△, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Zhang Taoforelin•□, Vice-Chairman of the Nine Trie Society, Zhang Taoforelin, deputy director of the Ministry of Agriculture, said that my countrys agricultural product passed rate is more than 90%★●, and the food safety is guaranteed…□, but the problem of pesticide residue, illegal addition◁▷▲◁, heavy metal exceeds the standard is still existent▽▷. The Ministry of Agriculture will always tighten food safety•○…★, insist on “zero tolerance○••” for food safety issues. (Chen Wei Wang Jingshi Zhang Zheng) Click to enter the special responsibility Editor◇-: Zhang ?

Original title: Ma Yun○▽●◁: If China-US economic and trade relations have deteriorated, it will be invalid for the United States to create a million employment promise●■□. It will be created for the United States to create 1 million jobs. During the 2018 year meeting in the Boao Forum in the Boao Forum, Ma Yuns statement, if China-US economic and trade relations have deteriorated▼◁, this commitment will also be invalid▪★◆▽. According to the observer network, it was reported on January 10, 2017, Ma Yun went to the Trump Building in New York▲★●, meeting with Trump in the conference room. Alibaba Groups spokespersons said that the speakers of the Trump team said that the focus of talks is that Alibabas extension plan in the United States–●▪. Before meeting, Alibaba spokesperson Tang Benn (Brion Tingl blank shirts for sublimation=▼■☆ custom breathable fleece jacket manufacturer – bathab sports T shirts ftory asian t shirt design wholesale sports clothing,!

Chinas new network was originally electricity. Due to a wide range of rainfall in March, the Australian cotton industry is expected to usher in recovery▷-◇★. However, local cotton farmers are not happy: Due to the continued tight of China and Australia, the biggest market China lost, where can harvested cotton still sell? According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)◁◇★, it has eased the drought status of many plantations in Australia in the past 12 months▲■◇•. Especially in recent months○□☆△, the rainfall is extremely abundant, and there is still a flood○▷. The Australian cotton industry has gradually recovered, and the output has been more than 4 times more than the previous quarter▪□•, with an output value of 1.5 billion AA. Adam Kai (ADAM=★◆, CEO) C.