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[echt sportswear]Textbook is calm. In this week, Sichuan Airlines 3U8633 flight emergency landing incident is subjective. At present-•▼□, the cause of the accident is still further investigated. On the 17th, netizen @ 水 草 rabbit is strongly exposed to a suspected heroic and air traffic control person (ATC) “super calm” conversation recording. It shows that after the aircraft has failed•☆, the captain is very calm and calmly communicated with the ATC, “now … It is a bit fault◆•■●”, the application is high and returned=•◁☆. After the report▪▽★■, ●-▼△”windshields” will be prepared from Chengdu, with a huge noise•□●, the unit is ▼…◁”silent▪○”○▪=. ATC and other units of ATC and other crews have repeatedly call ★●○”Sichuan 8633▪●•”, and they have no response. On the 19th, the observer network contacted the publisher of the video, she said it is not on◁◆◆★.

Original title: cold eye “Hong Kong alone” molecules send Trump□◆, ▷■”Wonderful◇■▪”△•▪, demanding Trump? The new media said that the “Hong Kong National Party” organized “Hong Kong National Party▪★” to call Chen Haotian to send a public letter to US President Trump, requiring the US to revoke the Hong Kong SAR and Chinas WTO membership▲•▪□, Hong Kong Special Economic Development and Economic Development Bureau August 19 The day is condemned●•☆▪, and it is considered that this is harming the interests of Hong Kong. According to Singapore “Joint Morning Post” website reports on August 20◁▽, comprehensive Hong Kong media reports, Chen Haotian also asked the US to review the so-called ★■”American-Hong Kong Relations” in the letter. In this regard●◆, the Commercial Bureau responded that Hong Kong is a unique position given by Basic Law; any person or group initiative, the purpose is to damage Hong Kongs economic and trade▷●■○, finance and achievement, and should be condemne.

Original title: Chen Yizi Chen Xiaolus memorial will be held in Hainan today: Legal Evening News Legal Evening News (Reporter Wang Riwen) This morning=●■▪, 10 oclock in the morning learned from Chen Xiaoduo▼★, and Chen Xiaolus memories will be held today in Hainan Sanya today. Chen Xiaolu Chen Xiaolu, opened the country, Chen Yi. It was publicly reported that it was died in Hainan Sanya on February 28☆▷…●, 2018, died of acute large-scale myocardial infarction, and the year was 72 years old. Public resume shows that Chen Xiaolu▷▲□•, born in Shandong in July 1946, once a 1966 high school graduate in Beijing Eighth Middle School. In 1969=◁•, he joined the Communist Party of China and was the director of the Political Department of the 39th Army of the Peoples Liberation Army. Now the Boju Fund Management Co•○◁=., Ltd•◇., Jiangxi Changyun Co., Ltd. independent director□●. Related repor! oversized shrug sports apparel manufacturers in india – baseball cap manufacturs.

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