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Original title: Xian “buy a house shake” 8 people were dismissed: Who created a list of relationships? Source: Jin Yun News boiled ★▽◆”Xian Purchase Household Relationship Household” incident has the latest progress: On the evening of the 2nd, the Changan District Government issued the processed results of this matter through official Weibo “@ Changan▲△•”■▷□, surveyed, there are 35 The public officials are requested by the purchaser, giving the relevant personnel of the “South Changan Street No.” project department “say hello”, causing adverse effects. 8 people were dismissed-▪▷=, 5 people were severely warned in the party○◇◇△, and 8 people were remembered, and 14 were remembered□▲, and 6 were adjusted at the same time. After the exposure of May 24, Jin Yun news launched a survey. After a few days of visiting, in addition, the “processing results” of this words◆△•=,.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that when the Guangxi inspection: “All ethnic groups jointly and progress, the common prosperity is the life of the Chinese nation, the strength, hope, in the new journey of building a socialist modern country, a nation can not be less, The people of all ethnic groups must worry◆▼▪●, unite and work hard△•, create a beautiful future of the Chinese nation•◆☆, share the great glory of national rejuvenation. “” The Chinese dream of the Chinese nation, it is necessary to consider the consciousness of the Chinese nation “[ 1]. The awareness of the China National Community is not only necessary to recognize the legitimacy of the integrity and regime of my country s territory, but also to form a rational cognition and psychology of the Chinese nation communit▲◁★★.

Original title: (Environment) Henan Zhenping County strict Zhaohe pollution incident responsible People Xinhua News Agency Zhengzhou August 4th (Reporter Niu Shaojie) reporter learned from the Propaganda Department of Zhenping County Committee, Henan Province●◇▲★, in the near future After that△–▪, the local government has given a punishment of the responsible subject and the relevant responsible person. The peoples government of the town is notified that the sewage treatment center of the responsible subject is 500,000 yuan, and the case is transferred to the public security organ■▪▷•. The public security organs conduct investigative and deal with managers who have direct responsible, and give administrative detention 7 days penalties. The Zhenping County Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Supervision Committee accountable for the relevant responsible persons. The person in charge of the Sewage Treatment Center of the town is given a serious warning place within the party★•; the leaders of the county construction bureau have the administrative responsibility of the management responsibility to the partys warning•★▲, and the director of the County Construction Bure?

Original title=▲=: Yangmei Art Exams and Im thinking: design professional play cross-border■○◆●, the Chinese painting is asking for the seven-story sentence Beijing Daily report on March 7th, ○▷•◁”Is it happy by Central American?…▲” This sentence is rushing The students of the students of the art test are quite hot. This has to start with the examination questions from the 2018 undergraduate enrollment in the Central Academy of Fine Arts last weekend. Following the launch of the “whose goblin” “a song••◆◇” ◁○★”a song” “a song▼==” •○■”a song” “a song”▷…, the title “of the” Great Bob Di Dun “has been launched in the past few years, the Yangmei Design Specialty in the tip of the wind is no longer looked again this year. The candidates are required to visualize their visual expression with the “Happiness Index•▲”-▽▪. “Compared with the previous year, I will be too kind. I have a specific image. I am too abstract this year.▲=•” Candidate is comparable, and once again become a landscape of Catai Examinatio.

Original title: China Mobile□▽△◇: China Mobile has downgraded mobile tariffs in the Performance Conference, which will reduce mobile tariffs more than 30%, and actively strive to expand the international market, including some operators in the United States maintained a good cooperative relationship…◁•☆. (A fortune) Editor: Zhang Yili activewearusa!gym clothes made in usawholesale activewear made in usa.cash1314 can you wear windbreakers in the target=_blank>fitness wear vendors