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[yoga pants logos]Original title: The mayor has installed 9 million behind the bus, and some people are filled with it△-. It can only put it back ■▷.★■▽.. In the trunk of corrupt officials△▷☆■, Is there regular□○-▽? This is the first story about “trunk” – Zhang Mou, chairman of a mining group in Wuhai City, for a coal-coal project, giving the mayor Hou Fengshi sent 3 million, this coal boss, this is three ” The wine box •…”directly put it into the trunk of Hou Mayor-◆◇◆. Who is not yet, Zhang Boss wants to send less, so I put 3 million “wine box” into the trunk of Hou Mayor=●◁. Of course, it is of course a matter. In order to thank Hou Fengqi, in order to further request▷▼◆◆, Zhang Boss will put three •■●”wine box▽…” in the third “wine box” in the third time. Just this one of the boss, the mayor of Hou The ▪△▲◁”trunk◇◁” of the car is laughin!

[US Media: US Finance Minister will visit China to negotiate on the US Trade] According to Fox Commercial News, President Trump said that US financial citizen will negotiate in the next few days to negotiate. (Peoples Daily reporter Wu Lezhen) Related news□◇●: China-US trade friction upgrade the United States informing the WTO: Wishing China to punish the Chinese steel wheel products “double anti-” survey of Chinas steel mill: the import of the United States Sorghum Implementing anti-dumping measures China Attitude Development and Reform Commission: China to do different levels of different levels of trade frictions: China-US trade friction changes, Chinas development momentum is ◆▼”blocked” US Ministry of Commerce Block ZTE▽△: Prohibition of US companies sell it to it Device 7 yea.

Zhongxin Net Wuxi May 28th: ​​”The same city…◆” life is in the Yangtze River Delta region, Yang Yanci Sun Quan Wang Yifei has been in the Yangtze River Delta, integration is a consensus of people from all walks of life. On May 27th◆▪★▽, in Jiangsu Wuxi held a conference☆••●, 10 railway transportation cities realized ▲☆=•”a code pass▪▲●◆”, the long triangular ★▼▷”one network” officially opened, etc. The life of “different from the city” is a reality in the Yangtze River Delta▲★. The Yangtze River Delta is the most important part of our urbanization strategy layout. It is the largest population and economic intensive district in my country•▽. It is the most innovative, most dynamic are.

Original title: Major Rohist▽-★: Military Exhibition is ◆●△”Wutong” probe, “war criminal” Lai Qingde will be touched swimsuit korean women-◁★ chona shirt! There is no jealousy in the army what are trampoline frames made of! Recently, the wind is in the Taiwan Sea. The United States has passed the ▲=◆”Taiwan Travel Law” and challenges the principle. If the US National Security Consultant Bolton, the US National Security Consultant Bolton, the US military has stopped to form a subversive damage to Sino-US relations◁◁…. Taiwans ●★◇”Administrative Dean” Rai Qinghe frequently spreads “Taiwan independence” remarks, claiming to be ▽▷”pragmatic Taiwan independence workers”, Taiwan authorities are also strateling to reduce the “referendum” threshold, engage in formal alone, “all kinds It has seriously touched a Chinese primer☆▼•, the Peoples Liberation Army does not have a strong means to protect the law, not enough to shock “Taiwan independence” splitting forces◇…-◆. ▲ On April 18…◆, the Army Aviation Force held a shot of the sea at sea in the southeast coas.