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bulk black t shirts – xxxl jean jacket.[100 polyester sublimation t shirts]Original title•●◆: Capital Airport T2 Terminal “Brush Face” can quickly pass the security of the Capital Airport in the country to achieve ◇▽□▼”face recognition◇◇▲▪” security inspection, currently trial in T2 terminal=◇○, the new security system will significantly reduce passengers through security check channel time★●△=. The reporter learned from the Capital Airport that after more than two years of research and development○□, the Capital Airport took the lead in launching the ■★☆▼”Smart Passenger Security System…•▼◆” in the country. Recently•▲, the reporter saw the No. 2 security passage of the domestic departure of the Capital Airport T2 terminal. The new laid intelligent security system has been opened in some security check channels, and some staff guides the passengers before the brush machine. It is understood that the intelligent security system was first enabled at the airport T2 terminal on March 19. Beijing News reporter Guo Chao completed safety identification and disposal reporters within 1 minute, seeing the link, passenge.

Original title: The Ministry of Public Security has a new day before▷△=, and the official website of the Public Security Department is updated▷◇□. Among them, two deputy ministers□★, Xi Tonglu and Sun Lijun, the two-person leadership team members of the team 8 and 10th place. The resume shows that Xu Ganlu is currently the party committee, deputy director of the Ministry of Public Security, and the Secretary of the Party Secretary and Secretary of the National Immigration Administration=□•…; Sun Lijun is currently the party committee of the Ministry of Public Security, and the deputy director of the Secretary for 26th Bureau=●…, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Office Director. Xu Ganlu was born in January 1962, which is Xiamen◁▷☆▲, Fujian Province▪•-, in-service graduate degree, deputy chief police supervision, Jedely in September 1982, joined the Communist Party of China and participated in the work in December 1979◁▲••. He has been working in Xiamen in the early years=○▷. He served as deputy director of the Xiamen Municipal Public Security Bureau, secretary of Huli District Committee in Xiamen City. Since 1994◆△▪◆, Xu Ganlou has been visiti.

China New Network on May 28, according to the official WeChat news of the National Development and Reform Commission=□, in order to promote the implementation of the “anti-food waste method▪=▪” Transportation, processing, consumer full chain saves work overall deployment. In response to the waste of food loss, the work program proposes to build a full-chain food saves management system from the Tianhe to the table□•☆. Deploy the production and increase in production, reduce food storage△-, and optimize food and transportation…▼☆▽, strengthen food processing and utilization, and resolute Stop food waste△•, promote 40 aspects of food waste resource utilization, et◆▲.

Original title: 15 years later, he raised his minister on March 22nd, the Water Resources Department held a cadre conference▼…•, announced the decision of the central governments leading team adjustment, and E=○•◆. E. The Minister of Water Resources, Party Secretary. Deng Dianming●★, deputy director of the China Group……, read the central governments decision and speaking. On March 19th, a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress decided to list the deputy prime ministers of the State Council, State Councilors, and Ministers of Ministers. Hubei is appointed as the Minister of Water Conservancy. The data map was originally selected by the Ministry of Water Resources▪◆•…, and Chen Lei, the Party Secretary Chen Lei■•…, has been elected the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, and deputy director of the National Political Consultative Conference Agriculture and Rural Commission. At the same time, in the recent release of the State Council institutional reform plan▽•, the responsibility of the Ministry of Water Resources is optimized, and the State Councils Three Gorges Engineering Construction Committee and its office, the State Council Nanshi Engineering Construction Committ☆○.

Original title: 12771 word concentrated five years of prosecution▲▽! Demystifying the highest inspection work report drafting on the afternoon of March 9, Cao Jianming, at the second plenary meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress▼◆★, attended the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate. This report was 12771 words, which concentrated into the procuratorial work in the past five years. The highest inspection report of the drafting group received comrades to interview reporters and told the drafting story behind the highest inspection work report in 2018▼◇◁•. Who participated in the report of drafting work, “This report was drafted for the longest in five years.” In this introduction, a report drafting schedule is present in front of the reporter◆•-☆. At the end of November 2017, the highest inspection office has developed a report drafting program★•◆, and after the report of the leadership of the hospital, they decided to take the Office of the Prosecuto◁•-. track suits wholesale

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