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[customized leather jacket]At the afternoon of May 24=☆, 2020, Xi Xi▷•=, attended the 13th National Peoples Congress, three meetings▼△○★, Hubei delegations▽★, pointed out that the long-term fundamentals of Hubei Province did not change the comprehensive advantage of many years◇□▽, did not change in the important position in the country and regional development. In the past year■◆■▼, Hubei s remembering the general secretary of the General Secretary is difficult to force, and the real hand has handed over a heros answer to the new initiative to promote the revitalization and high quality development. Hubei has added a higher “potential energy in the new environment.▲★” •◇”Heros Hubei once again showed its heros true color to the world” three did not change “Hubei is going forward! Production: Hubei Daily Rong Media Center Planning★○▼: Huang Lei Chen Boray [Editor: Huang W unique blank apparel supplier◁• poly shirts for sublimation!

Original title■●: The mayor has installed 9 million behind the bus, and some people are filled with it. It can only put it back … In the trunk of corrupt officials▽…, Is there regular▪□? This is the first story about ●◆▽”trunk” – Zhang Mou, chairman of a mining group in Wuhai City, for a coal-coal project••▽◆, giving the mayor Hou Fengshi sent 3 million▽••☆, this coal boss, this is three ” The wine box “directly put it into the trunk of Hou Mayor. Who is not yet, Zhang Boss wants to send less, so I put 3 million “wine box” into the trunk of Hou Mayor. Of course, it is of course a matter. In order to thank Hou Fengqi, in order to further request, Zhang Boss will put three “wine box○▼” in the third □★”wine box” in the third time. Just this one of the boss, the mayor of Hou The ▷▲▪”trunk▼…-☆” of the car is laughin◇○☆▽ sports equipment manufacturers!

Original title: Chongqing Municipal Peoples Congress Standing Committee appointed a group of cadres and municipal governments =■•”one hand” list released on the morning of the 29th◆▷●, the second plenary meeting of the Second Session of the Five Peoples Congress of Chongqing, the vote passed a group of personnel appointment matter. Reporter Liu Wei, March 29, the second meeting of the Standing Committee of Chongqing Municipal Peoples Congress vote passed the Municipal Government on the proposal to deliberate the personnel appointment=▷▷◇, and decided to appoint: Ou Shunqing is the Secretary General of Chongqing Municipal Peoples Government; Xiong Xue is Chongqing Director of the Development and Reform Commission; Feng Yi is the Secretary of the Chongqing Finance Bureau; Chen Jinshan is the director of the Chongqing Economic and Information Commission; Zhao is the director of the Chongqing Municipal Education Commission; Xu Hongbin is the director of the Chongqing Science and Technology Commission▽▽; Jos Mingjia is Chongqing Urban and rural constructi.blank leggins – clothing manufacturg compies ha,