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create your own workout clothes Original title: China GDP growth target set 6.5% foreign media…△…: unchanged in March 5, the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress opened in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Prime Minister Li Keqiang of the State Council made a government work report. Xinhua News Agency, Yao Dawei, Overseas Network, on March 5th, the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress opened on the morning of the Great Hall on the morning of the Peoples Gala, and Li Keqiang reported to the General Assembly on behalf of the State Council. In the report, the GDP growth targets•□▽, cross-strait relations and environmental issues●•, major foreign media worldwide also analyzed and interpreted from multiple angles. GDP growth target setting 6.5% are well-appreciated: Consider the current and long-distance demand State Council Prime Minister Li Keqiang when he is a government work report, it is clearly expected this years developmen.

Original title: Talk about the 10 provinces, “look back”□▽, about accountability▼▲, more than 7,000 central environmental protection inspections have killed a “back horse gun” (green focus) Jiangsu Taixing City indifferently rectification requirements, tens of thousands of tons of chemical waste and sludge piles The Yangtze River. Xinhua News Agency, Ji Chunpeng photographed the Jiangsu Zhangjiagang City Shagang Group million tons of steel slag disposal, threatening water ecological safety; a group of “scattered” small smelting companies that should be eliminated in Qinxi, Guangxi, still illegal production, the relevant departments of the autonomous region Hedu Complete the rectification; 33 punishments difficult to prevent the rumor of the Xinyi coal mine in Henan Province … Recently, the Central Environmental Protection Inspector team launched a “look” inspector in 10 provinces and regions such as Hebei and Henan Province, publicly open a group of •▼=”surface rectification” •◆☆”false rectification” ▷◇”Perfuncture” and other issues. In the notification of the inspectors…●•, frequent frequen outdoor insulated jackets wholesale.

Original title=-◆○: US Ou Day may reach zero tariffs: What should I do in China▼◆? Source: China News Weekly China has a lot of speciality, but China has a lot of commonality with the exterior world▷☆▪▪. Wang Huiyao. Figure / Respondents provide Chinas international “unified front=◇•” on July 30, 2018, the Global Zhicu (CCG) jointly organized “Hudson Institute” “China-US trade friction Symposium on the project research project. CCG founder and chairman Wang Huiyao and the Hudson Institute of China, the director of the China Strategic Research Center, MICHAEL Pillsbury, etc▽•. After the meeting, Wang Huiyao accepted ▲•”China New bathing suit wholesale vendors jean jackets wholesale!warm jean jacket