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[haitian flag joggers]Original title: In March, 21 provincial leaders in the country, the 9th Party Committee deputy secretary vacancies in March, and the nationwide will be held in Beijing. After the meeting, many local party and government main leaders Xi Xin Central relevant position: Xie Fuzhan, the Secretary of Henan Provincial Party Committee, Dean, Party Secretary, Sichuan Committee Secretary Wang Dongming●○○□, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress■◇★, China The chairman of the trade union▲▲▽•, the Heilongjiang Provincial Governor Lu Yuxin Ren Xin established the Party Secretary, Minister of Natural Resources; Secretary of Hubei Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of the Wuhan Municipal Committee, Secretary-General, Shandong Provincial Party Standing Committee••-, executive Deputy Governor Li Qun Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism★□, Standing Committee of Henan Provincial Party Committee, executive Deputy Governor, is a deputy director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, and the Secretary of the Henan Provincial Party Committee, the Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Xu Ganlu is a deputy minister of the Ministry of Public Security, the count.

[China has a gorgeous turn of the company: from “Broken Broken Network” to Yantian Village, Hantian Village▲▪△•, Southeast, and Yanshan, the southeast coast of Yongdong…□, is the pure gathering of Funjia boat people in the southeast coast of Fuan City. Fisheries Village. Lianjia ship people take the ship as home, fishing goods is industrial▽△●•, all year round, and live unclear▪■. “A broken ship hangs net, the ancestors of the three generations are squeezed; catching fish and shrimp chapet, leaking the leakage time.” Jiang Guan, the secretary of the party branch of the village, recalled the life on the ship, and filled the emotion▼▼. Unexpectedly, the old, no learning, there is a disease, this is the true portrayal of the tragic life of the company. Xiki Village of the village☆•◁■. Peoples Network Wu Siyu to solve the village of Xi.

Original title: Luo Shenglian representatives: Develop animal protection law to prevent the abuse of the National Peoples Congress of the National Peoples Congress, deputy director of the Central Environmental Resources Committee of the Agricultural Workers Party, and Nanchang Aviation University President Roshenglian. Scholans, Jiasa☆-△, Beijing, China, March 14 (reporter history) “Life is above. At present▪○◁=, China has already protected women○•☆●, children and disabled people, etc◆◁=☆.▷■, and for the protection of animals★▷•●, China lacks a protective animal from Abuse comprehensive law. “The deputy director of the National Peoples Congress and the Central Environmental Resources Committee of the Agricultural Workers◆◆▷, the Nanchang Aviation University, the Nanchang Aviation University, who received reporters during the two sessions of the reporters◇▲◇, should be established as soon as possible■▼, the Peoples Republic of China Animal Protection Law is included in the Legislation Planning, developing a law of protecting animals from the perspective of life. Necessary for animal protection law legislati Fitness Clothing supplier.

Zhongxin Net Anhui Maanshan May 27th (Yang Zhengwen Zhang Jun) Changda (Maanshan) Science and Technology Innovation Voucher General Travel Online Platform 26th in Maanshan City, Anhui Province■△□◇. It is understood that the Yangtze River Triangle Science and Technology Innovation Voucher refers to the use of the long triangular pilot regional financial and technological funds, support a policy tool for purchasing professional services to the Long Delta regional service agency, using electronic vouchers, by Enterprises apply and use and apply for redemption by the service agency▽△…. On January 9 this year□▲▲•, the Executive Committee of Shanghai and Zhejiang Science and Technology Executive Zone and the Executive Committee of the Ecological Green Integration Development Demonstration Zone of the Yangtze River Delta, “About the General Exchange Patement of the Long Triangulation Technology Innovation Vouche…-!

The fourth income, ◇□□”Yunxun” entered the Middle East Economic Daily – China Economic Network Abu Dhabi (Reporter Wang Junpeng) On May 24☆▽○□, the 4th China International Import Expo Middle East National Online Promotion will be successfully held. This promotion is jointly held by the China International Import Expo Bureau, the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)◁…, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the Kingdom of China◇▽, the United Arab Emirates, the United Arab Emirates, the San Guowei San Guowei Business Office, Dubai Exit Bureau•■▪□, Abu Dhabi Habel The person in charge of the Law Industrial Park attended and delivered speeches, from the Dubai Customs, Abu Dhabi National Petroleum, Qatar Free Trade Area, etc. “Silk Roa.

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