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[vendor clothing]Original title: 3 Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission secretary returned to Beijings latest news★▪•=, the Standing Committee of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region, Director of the Discipline Inspection Committee, director of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, has returned to Beijing, returning to him for many years of the Supreme Peoples Court▼■○, and member members. On the morning of July 30th▼▲, Zhou Qiang•▼▼▪, the Party Secretary of the Supreme Peoples Court, presided over the Party Committee of the Supreme Peoples Court▷■•=, listening to the report of the implementation of the trial implementation work in the first half of 2018, Rongdongchuan attended the meeting. This month, the Supreme Law has a persons change: member of the party group◆★◇, Director of the Political Department, Xujiaxin, Jilin==, is now the party secretary★△▪, deputy dean of the senior peoples court of Jilin Province, and dean. Luo Dongchuan Changan Street-▼▲, IC (WeChat ID-■•…: Capitalnews) noted that Luo Dongchuan is the recent number 3 to return to Beiji•=△.

Original title: The highest inspection: Minor judicial rescue gold generally does not exceed the total amount of wages for 36 months-▷▪•, Liu Ziyang, Dong Fan, for further increased the judicial protection of minors, and in-depth promotion of prosecutors national judicial assistance work•★, the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate recently Printing and Distributing the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate on Comprehensively Strengthening the National Judicial Assistance Work of Minors (hereinafter referred to as minor rescue opinions)▼○◆□. Today, the responsible person of the Supreme Peoples Procuratorates Criminal Appeal Office (the head of the Supreme Criminal Crossing Office) was interpreted on the relevant issues☆==●. Strengthen special protection reporters on minors: Please introduce the background, drafting process and main contents of minors rescue opinions. The person in charge of the highest prosecution: current judicial practice◇=, incidents infringed the legitimate rights and interests of mino.

Original title: E-Commerce Law and Securities Law have passed the six tax species in this years legislation plans to have been introduced in a group of major legislative projects in economic, political◆-•, cultural, social, and ecological fields, and promoting further acceleration and deepening of reforms. Promoting social economy. The relevant person in charge of the National Peoples Congress Finance and Economic Commission○-●, the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee, etc☆▪•., revealed that the e-commerce law and securities law have passed the second trial of the Standing Committee of the Peoples Congress, and 14 laws are graving▪◆▽◇. At the same time, six taxes such as cultivated land occupation, resource tax, consumption tax, and deed tax have been included in this years legislative plan. Xuan Laido, deputy director of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee•○•◁, said that in the past five years●▼•▲, a group of major legislative projects in the economy, political★▲▲, cultural, social◆◁▷□, and ecological fields have been introduced to ensure the constitutio=•▼△.

Original title: Chinas restore Malaysia shipwreck rescue◇☆◆■: The hull is bucking diver relay to bring two students from the two students: Chinas voice △●”News is reported” reported that a dug boat containing 18 crews on Malaysia The nearby waters were tipped, and there were 16 Chinese crew and 2 foreign people on the boat▪☆=. On the day of the incident, three Chinese crew were rescued, and 1 Chinese crew was killed=□★. The picture comes from the online Chinese Embassy in Malaysia•◆•■, I said that two Chinese crew rescued two Chinese crews during the digestive boats in the waters of Malaysia near the horse. The Embassy said in the notification, China Diver participating in the rescue was discovered two awake Chinese crew in the pump of the sauce=◇, and then rescued the cabin•△. The Embassy said that search and rescue personnel still continue to search for the rest of their disappearan ilus leggings.