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[yoga block]Original title•○: From strict, the partys responsibility to implement the partys construction work leading group insisted on strict accordance with the partys party is the basic requirements of the partys construction, and the partys responsibility is the most fundamental political responsibility◁•. The mountain is generally responsible for iron…◁▲. At present, learning to implement General Secretary Xi Jinpings important speech at the 13th National Peoples Congress of the National Peoples Congress, and resolutely succeed that Sun Zhengcais bad impact and Bo Xilai▼◁○◇, Wang Lijun, to create a good political ecology, an extremely important aspect◆▲, It is necessary to resolutely succumb to Sun Zhengcai•▷◁, Bo Xi to manage the bad impact and viral of party and governance, firmly establish a comprehensive range of consciousness of the partys responsibility, and implement the general requirements of the new era of the party to reorganize the spiritual state And the tenacity that is always on the road◆△, firm.

Original title▷▼: Community: Trump mouth is gentle◆…=•, China needs to be cautious in Trump, President Trump, Beijing time▽•, on the evening of the latest release▷=: “Xi Jinping Chairman and I will always be friends○★○, regardless of our trade dispute○=▽. China will cancel trade barriers, because this is the right practice. The tax will become mutually beneficial△◆•◇, Sino-US will reach an agreement in intellectual property-☆◇▽. The two countries will have a great future▽…▪! □□”This latest twice and Trump before Twitter has changed in tone=▽, and the chairman and China have expressed respect●△△▽. At the same time, his attitude towards China and the United States is mixed. He expressed the expectation of Chinas unilateral ◇△◆○”cancellation trade barriers”, while expressing both sides “will agree on intellectual property rights”-▽▽•, it seems that both parties make one step. Reduce trade deficit and requirements for Chi.

Original title Australia□▼…: Trump Tariff means is a piece of dish and a dish. Chinas economic weapon reference news network March 14 reports Australia ▽▽=△”Sydney Pioneer Morning News=△▷…” website March 12 issue is “Donald Trumps tough Chinese The articles of the Economic Weapon Performed in China have said that in the US and Chinas current economic war, the US president has adopted an ancient weapon suitable for another era – tariff. This is a weapon that has been favored in the struggle in the name of the 17th century. His acting is generally waving, and the world media and the market are still moving▷▲☆. The article said that in fact-□••, this is only small for China●●. Jim Lunnong, a large commodity analyst, said, “China is obviously a leading power in the world”★○▪○, it produces the worlds production last yea custom puffer parka jackets manufacturer apparel wholesaler!bulk letterman jackets – fleece hoodies whosa how to make your own athletic clothing line,