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[yoga leggings manufacturer]Original title: Gansu spent 1•=▷○.6 billion “poverty alleviation road▷=△▷” was exposed to the scientific reduction provincial transportation hall letter office•◇: go to the traffic police CCTV network news: Dongxiang County○◇□◁, Gansu Province, the Dongxiang County, which belongs to the national-level poor county•◆, the local natural environment is very bad=…▷, the masses You can only climb or take a ferrule◇◇●□. To this end◆△, Gansu Province specially built a poverty alleviation road: the second-level road, connected to Chaosheng Huanqiao Town and Lanchuan Town◁▽○, Lanzhou City, is a connection line of National Highway G2013 and National Highway G109 line, with a total investment of nearly 1.6 billion yuan. This road is open to traffic, which not only solves the travel problems of the local people△★, but also have a very big role in economic development☆-. However, such a total investment of nearly 1▲▽•■.6 billion yuan■◇, from the completion of the “poor quality poor”, the local people called “discount road.

Original title▪▽: Media revealed that the signage of the “Heilongjiang Provincial Agricultural Reclamation” will be suddenly suddenly seen by the Northern Wilderness Daily-◁▽○, located in the Heilongjiang Provincial Agricultural Reclamation Bureau of Heilongjiang Province in Harbin○□, Hongqi Street▼▽●, has become ■●-▽”net red”, many People come from all directions◁▼•, just in touch with this big door▲▽★□. Everyone knows that the eight big characters of the “Heilongjiang Provincial Agricultural Reclamation Administration” in front of the gate will be replaced by the ▷△▽”Peking Wilderness Group”. The transformation of the name indicates that the Heilongjiang reclamation area is about to bid farewell to the old system of administrative leadership, embrace the new system of the Northern Wilderness Group as the main body. In the face of the alternation of the new and old institutions◇=, many people•-▼▪, especially those who have dedicated youth and sweat in the construction of Beida Wilderness, say goodbye to the years of the years. Say goodbye to better travel. Under the new system, the north is n?

China Xinwang Beijing May 27th (Reporter Wang Kai) In the end, He Longmishamies daughter His Jiensheng wrote the article recalling Xu Xiangyuan Marshal○▽▪◇, and the text was =□”life and strison” to describe this old life…□◁•. There may be someone to ask, the top ten masters of the founding of the country, how do you “hunt” how many important Xu move forward? Looking back in Xus life◆★●, it is indeed a lot of rough△◆=. When he was young, his body was thin☆▪▷, and his face was sullen. He was said to have a ■○…•”bitterness”★□. At the time of applying the Whampoa Military Academy. And this did not cover his talents, and its excellent military strategy and command can appear in the revolutionary struggle▽●◆, but not only Hu Zongnan, Du Yuming, Song Xi○=△, etc▷■-. “Huangpu wholesale atlanta – plus size whosa manufacturers hemp t shirt wholesale step aerobics stepper,