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[blue satin bomber jacket]Original title: Interview with Former Ministry of Commerce○▷-: This is the first true Sino-US trade war battle in 40 years [Abstract] On April 4th, the US government issued a list of goods for the adverse tariffs of 301 investigations-★◁△, will Chinas 1333 US $ 50 billion in 1,500 billion dollars in the United States increased by 25%…▪-◆. Times Weekly Reporter Yao Jiaying has published from Trump from Trump, and has announced the results of Chinas 301 survey. China-US trade war has been upgraded in the past week. On 4, the US government issued a product of 301 investigations◇■. List▪☆◆…, will have a total of 25% of $ 50 billion in 1033 billion items in China to export in China; on the same day●■, China has made counterattacks, indicating 14 categories of soybeans, cars, chemicals, such as the United State■△…=.

Beijing intended to build a barrier-free environment, and the draft proposes to punish the parking space for arbitrarily, and will be punished according to law and can be dragged to the designated location. If you have to reject the certificate○▪=▽, you will have more than 530,000 people in the public place. The number of people with interest over 60 years old is more than 50%, and the demand for accessible environments continues to grow. Yesterday, ☆○…”Beijing Barrier Environmental Construction Ordinance (Draft) will be accepted at the 31st meeting of the Standing Committee of the Peoples Congress of the City. For guide dogs…○, the Bill specializes: Vision disabled people carry vision-disabled documents and guide dog certificates can carry guide dogs into public places, take public transport, relevant units and individuals must n?

The Thai Food and Drug Administration notified on May 28▼•△, officially approved the urgent use permit for Chinese Chinese medicine new crown vaccine. The application is the introduction of the vaccine Thai Biotechnology Company (Bio GeneTech International Company Limited)▲•=. China National Medicine New Crown Vaccine is inactivating the vaccine, the official name is BBIBP-CORV, and the WHO has been urgently used certification. There are five new crown vaccines that have been officially registered in the Thai Food and Drug Administration: Cozhi, Aslikang, Johnson, Modener and China National Medicine New Crown Vaccine▪=. (Total reporter Li Min) [Editor: Su Yiy?

Xinhua News Agency, Tokyo, May 26 (Reporter Huawei) The Japanese Congress Senate officially passed the revised “Global Warming Countermeasures◁△” in the 26th, and the Japanese government proposed by the Japanese government to achieve carbon neutrality in the form of legislation▽★. the goal. According to the media of the Communist Participation, the revised …=★•”Global Warming Countermeasures Promotion Law” was passed on the Plenary Conference on the Senate, which was officially made in April 2022●☆. This is the first time in Japan to write greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. According to this new law=☆●, local governments such as Duofu County○▼, Japan will have an obligation to set the specific goal of renewable energy▼△. Local governments will expand renewable energy such as solar ener.

Original title: E-Commerce Law and Securities Law have passed the six tax species in this years legislation plans to have been introduced in a group of major legislative projects in economic▪▼▽, political, cultural, social○•, and ecological fields, and promoting further acceleration and deepening of reforms. Promoting social economy. The relevant person in charge of the National Peoples Congress Finance and Economic Commission○▪△□, the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee, etc◁●▷., revealed that the e-commerce law and securities law have passed the second trial of the Standing Committee of the Peoples Congress, and 14 laws are graving. At the same time, six taxes such as cultivated land occupation, resource tax▪☆, consumption tax•◁, and deed tax have been included in this years legislative plan□△. Xuan Laido, deputy director of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee, said that in the past five years, a group of major legislative projects in the economy▼▼□…, political•★▪, cultural▷◇□, social△▽□, and ecological fields have been introduced to ensure the constitutio.