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[bulk wholesale t-shirts]@ Peoples Daily: # National two sessions # [Sanya Mayor: Let Chinese and foreign tourists come▼•, stay, dont want to go☆□△, I still want to come] Deputy Secretary of the Sanya Municipal Committee of Hainan Province, Mayor Adong•▪: 1△•□. Protect the blue sea blue sky of Sanya■◆, let the Chinese and foreign tourists are as moving□●◁-, let the green hills are greener=▽●△, the sea is blue■△■, and the air is clearer=●…. 2. Create an international tourist consumption center, let Sino-foreign tourists comfortable, focus on the theme park with international influence, create beautiful villages○-○▼, become an industry-rich international tourist resort. 3◁•◁▪. Improve the level of tourism internationalization. In terms of eating travel and internationally, international routes are added to international routes◁▪. 4▲•. Strengthen urban economic management, let Sino-foreign tourists will follow==. Ironist governance, develop wisdom services★=, build a safe city○▽, and there is no cash payment city. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Zhang Yili.

Original title▪◆: Li Ganjie: Get rid of “Dining”, there is still a long way to go in front of the results▷○. The heavy pollution weather in Beijing is enough to give us a wake up, in just 20 days, Beijing has got 4 heavy pollution weather…○○. He is always in the stage of eating, and the days are good☆○, and the day does not help smog○△…-. I have to go through this stage and have a long way to go▲□…. We have to implement more effort on the basis of the past, otherwise it is difficult to achieve. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor-■•●: Huo !

Xinhua News Agency▼▷, Beijing May 27th: Epidemic prevention and control should be early, small▷■•-, strict, real-eighth edition of new gown pneumonia prevention and control plan points perspective Xu Penghang recently▽…●☆, necrosal pneumonia epidemic still show the spread of outbreaks The external defense input pressure continues to increase▼=. Domestic Anhui, Liaoning, Guangdong has an epidemic☆▲, reminds us to prevent and control cannot be relaxed. In order to further guide the prevention and control of new coronary virus pneumonia, the State Council is printed in the “New Coronary Virus Pneumonia Prevention Mode (Events)”. What are the following aspects of the epidemic prevention and control▲◁●? Experts explain this. Not only must I “prevent people” also want •▲△”anti-protection▲★◁” from May 13■●★, Anhui, Liaonin.

Original title☆◆: Zhou Xiaochuan talks to digital currency: The central bank has already begun research, and it must be ensured that the liberation date will be promoted and then promoted the liberation daily. Meeting, the Peoples Bank of China◆▷, Zhou Xiaochuan▽…, Vice-President, and Secretary for Vice-President Pan Gong Sheng, the relevant issues of “Financial Reform and Development”▲…, answered China and foreign reporters. When answering questions about digital currency, Zhou Xiaochuan said that in more than three years□•▲, the Peoples Bank began organizing a seminar on digital currency, followed by the central banks digital currency research meeting▽■. The most recent movements are cooperated with industry to develop digital currencies. Zhou Xiaochuan said that the concept of digital currency in everyone is different, the central bank resear.

Original title: The Standing Committee of the CPPCC held a meeting of Jilin speech: Beijing CPPCC June 21st to 22nd, the CPPCC held a third meeting of the Third Committee of the 13th Committee, revisiting the “Building Global Influence Science and Technology Innovation Center) Provide new movement for the high quality development of the capital to conduct a special negotiation□△■. The President of the Cities of the Cities of the CPPCC speaks. This meeting was a Burgian Standing Committee. The meeting heard the topic counseling report of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, deputy mayor Yin and Jun. The CPPCC has committed a special team to discuss◇…, Wang Gaofei▼◇=, He Zhiqiang, Sun Ziqiang▷▷◁■, Qi Xiangdong and other 12 members of the General Assembly, put forward the importance of primitive innovation, strengthen overseas high-end talents△□, and realize “enterprises whistle○○▼■, service report”•●▽-, Establish a new research and development agency to improve the intellectual property service syst…△. gym clothing manufacturers wholesale jogger – thick tshirt gym equipment suppliers royal blue womens suit,